​​​Sponsors & Partnerships

Why You Should Become a TRAC™ & RIDES Sponsor

  • Invest in our future to resolve one of transportation's most pressing problems, the shortage of civil engineers.
  • Logo Link on the TRAC website
  • Recognized in TRAC and RIDES publications
  • Invitation to the TRAC Bridge Build Competition at the AASHTO
    Spring Meeting (May)
  • Become a member of the TRAC and RIDES Committee*
  • Team with specific Departments of Transportation
  • Increase awareness of your organization
  • Promote STEM and transportation education
  • 501c3 charitable contribution

TRAC And RIDES Sponsorships Available Now!


AASHTO partners with State Departments of Transportation to provide the TRAC™ & RIDES programs to schools.


The Adopt-A-State sponsorship was created so companies can support their State's TRAC & RIDES program, but more importantly, see results from their efforts. This educational program is designed for kids from kindergarten to high school, with a particular emphasis on those students with math and science skills. These skills are imperative for both educational growth and Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering historically is not the most glamorous of careers, which tends to not appeal strongly to today's youth. The TRAC & RIDES program is designed to bring awareness to the Civil Engineering program, and growing a much needed interest.

Come support the future of your state and watch them grow into Civil Engineers. With your support, teams from the sponsored state will be able to travel to the AASHTO TRAC & RIDES competition held during the AASHTO Spring Meeting.

  • Adopt-A-State sponsors will have their company logo on the TRAC & RIDES website as a clickable link.
  • Sponsors will be invited to attend the competition.
  • Recognition will be given at the competition both verbally and on our sponsor signs.
  • AASHTO is a 501-c3 organization and your contribution may qualify as a tax-deductible donation.

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