AASHTO Board of Directors

Charge Statement

The Board of Directors is the governing body and the policy-making body of the Association. It is concerned with such matters as official positions on legislative proposals, the development of official policy statements, membership dues, changes in the Association's Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, the establishment of the Standing Committees and Subcommittees and all other policy matters pertaining to the operation or activities of the Association. In acting on such matters, each Member Department in good standing, exclusive of the U.S. Department of Transportation, shall have a single vote.

Membership on the Board of Directors is limited to the Chief Executive Officer (duly constituted Head) or his or her designee from each Member Department. In the event that the Chief Executive Officer is unable to serve, each Member Department shall designate by letter to the Executive Director prior to each Board meeting the individual who shall serve as the Member Department's representative on the Board. State modal agencies not included as part of a Member Department may be represented on the Board of Directors at the request of that state's Member Department, in an ex officio, non-voting capacity. The Board of Directors is presided over by the President of AASHTO.  For more information, see AASHTO's governing documents.

Staff Liaison

Bud Wright, Executive Director