​​​AASHTO Staff by Department

For general requests, please call (202) 624-5800.

For email inquiries, please write info@aashto.org.

Executive Office

Bud Wright

Executive Director

(202) 624-5811

bwright AT aashto.org

Donna Tamburelli

Executive Assistant

(202) 624-5811

donnat AT aashto.org

Jim Tymon

Chief Operating Officer/Director of Policy and Management

(202) 624-3508

jtymon AT aashto.org

Finance and Administration

Jenet Adem

Director of Finance and Administration

(202) 624-5816

jadem AT aashto.org

Selim Amah

Accounts Payable Specialist

(202) 624-7708

samah AT aashto.org

Strat Cavros

Manager of Acquisitions, Contracts, and Business Development

(202) 624-3531

scavros AT aashto.org

Daniel Chang

Accounting Specialist

(202) 624-7723

dchang AT aashto.org

Timothy L. Cox

Support Services Assistant

(202) 624-5805

tcox AT aashto.org

Takaro J. Day

Information Systems Technical Specialist

(202) 624-3694

tday AT aashto.org

Christopher Jacquet

Receptionist/Office Assistant

(202) 624-5800

cjacquet AT aashto.org

Jenna Jones

Accounting Manager

(202) 624-5803

jjones AT aashto.org

Johnathan Kwak​Finance Specialist(202) 624-3692jkwak AT aashto.org

Wayde K. Powell

Support Services Manager

(202) 624-8822

waydep AT aashto.org

Sha-Shawnna Wrenn

Financial Assistant, Accounts Receivable

(202) 624-5819

swrenn AT aashto.org


Lloyd Brown

Director of Communications

(202) 624-5802

lbrown AT aashto.org

John Boyd

Senior Communications Editor

(202) 624-7757

jboyd AT aashto.org

​Adan Carrillo​Communications Specialist​(202) 624-3659​acarrillo AT aashto.org

Robert Cullen

Informati​on Resource Manager

(202) 624-8918

bcullen AT aashto.org

Tony Dorsey

Manager of Media Relations, News, and Information

(202) 624-3690

tdorsey AT aashto.org

David Dubov-Flinn

Web Business Manager

(202) 624-3679

ddubov AT aashto.org


Joung Lee

Policy Director

(202) 624-5818

jlee AT aashto.org

Lexie Albe

Program Coordinator for Environment

(201) 624-5813

lalbe AT aashto.org

Jennifer Brickett

Director, AASHTO Project Finance Institute

(202) 624-8815

jbrickett AT aashto.org

Katelyn Dwyer

Program Specialist, MTAP

(202) 624-3698

kdwyer AT aashto.org

Shannon Eggleston

Program Director for Environment, Director of Center for Environmental Excellence

(202) 624-3649

seggleston AT aashto.org

Shayne Gill

Program Director ​for Multimodal Transportation​

(202) 624-3630

sgill AT aashto.org

Matthew Hardy

Program Director for Policy and Planning

(202) 624-3625

mhardy AT aashto.org

Bryan Hong

Program Coordinator for Policy

(202) 624-7827

bhong AT aashto.org

Kate Kurgan

Senior Program Manager for Environment

(202) 624-3635

kkurgan AT aashto.org

Brady “Bud” McDonald

Federal Programs Financial Analyst

(202) 624-3523

bmcdonald AT aashto.org

Penelope Weinberger

Census Transportation Planning Products, (CTPP) & Transportation Data Program Manager

(202) 624-3556

pweinberger AT aashto.org

Engineering and Technical Services

King W. Gee

Director of Engineering and Technical Services

(202) 624-5812

kgee AT aashto.org

Patricia Bush

Program Manager for Engineering

(202) 624-8181

pbush AT aashto.org

Linda Clifton

Program Manager, TRAC & RIDES

(202) 624-5267

lclifton AT aashto.org

​Alexandra EamesAdministrative Coordinator, NTPEP and APEL​(202) 624-5497​aeames AT aashto.org​
Vince GlickTechnology Specialist, NTPEP(202) 624-7743vglick AT aashto.org
​Tichaundra HarrisAssociate Program Manager, NTPEP​(202) 624-5452​tharris AT aashto.org

Kelly Hardy

Senior Engineering Program Manager for Safety

(202) 624-5868

khardy AT aashto.org

Jameelah E. Hayes

Program Manager for Engineering

(202) 624-5266

jhayes AT aashto.org

Pam Hutton

Strategic Highway Research Program 2 Implementation Manager

(303) 263-1212

phutton AT aashto.org

Katheryn MaluskyProgram Manager, NTPEP(202) 624-3695kmalusky AT aashto.org

Jim McDonnell, P.E.

Program Director for Engineering

(202) 624-5448

jimm AT aashto.org

Gummada Murthy

Associate Program Director, Operations

(202) 624-8913

gmurthy AT aashto.org

Shreeya Pandey

Engineering Implementation Coordinator

(202) 624-5265

spandey AT aashto.org

Keith Platte, P.E.

Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

(202) 624-3697

kplatte AT aashto.org

Evan Rothblatt

Associate Program Manager, Materials

(202) 624-3648

erothblatt AT aashto.org

Rosemary TenEyck

Special Assistant, Engineering and Technical Services

(202) 624-5801

rteneyck AT aashto.org

Marty Vitale

Engineering Program Specialist

(202) 624-5862

mvitale AT aashto.org

Maribel Wong

Implementation Specialist, NTPEP

(202) 624-3559

mwong AT aashto.org

Patrick Zelinski

Engineering Operations Specialist

(202) 624-7830

pzelinski AT aashto.org

Publications Production

Erin K. Grady

Director of Publications Production

(202) 624-8182

egrady AT aashto.org

Belinda Bates

Senior Graphic Designer

(202) 624-3678

bbates AT aashto.org

​Melissa Dannemiller​Administrative Assistant​(202) 624-5838​mdannemiller AT aashto.org

Ryan Holman

Senior Technical Publications Specialist

(202) 624-7826

rholman AT aashto.org

Deborah Doehr Kim

Assistant Director of Publications Production

(202) 624-5883

dkim AT aashto.org

Mario Olivero

Senior Graphic Designer/Staff Photographer

(202) 624-5456

molivero AT aashto.org

Greg Pearson

Bookstore and Web Services Manager

(202) 624-3652

gpearson AT aashto.org

Carolyn Toye

Publications Marketing and Production Specialist

(202) 624-8460

ctoye AT aashto.org

Human Resources

Clarisse Bernardes Coble

Human Resources Manager

(202) 624-5809

ccoble AT aashto.org

Meetings and Member Services

Monica Russell

Director of Meetings and Membership Services

(202) 624-3696

mrussell AT aashto.org

​Melissa Dannemiller​Administrative Assistant​(202) 624-5838​mdannemiller AT aashto.org​

Jenn Dorsey

Membership Specialist

(202) 624-5814

jdorsey AT aashto.org

Kamasha Hendrickson

Meeting Planner

(202) 624-5403

khendrickson AT aashto.org

Meghan Wozniak-Adams

Senior Meeting Planner

(202) 624-8814

mwozniak AT aashto.org

AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratories

Steve Lenker

Director, Construction Materials Reference Laboratories

(240) 436-4770

slenker AT amrl.net

Robert Lutz

Manager, AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory

(240) 436-4801

rlutz AT amrl.net


Jan M. Edwards

Project Director, AASHTOWare

(202) 624-8599

jedwards AT aashto.org

Tony Bianchi

Associate Project Director

(202) 624-5821

tbianchi AT aashto.org

Melanie Douglass

Project Manager

(202) 624-8489

mdouglass AT aashto.org

​Bryan Korschgen​Associate Project Manager​(202) 624-8566​bkorschgen AT aashto.org

Vicki Schofield

Project Manager

(202) 624-3640

vschofield AT aashto.org

Judy Skeen, P.E.

Project Manager, BRIDGEWare Task Force

(512) 963-1465

jskeen AT aashto.org

​Linda Snowden​Administrative Assistant, Project Office​(202) 624-8480​lsnowden AT aashto.org

Angelique Williams

AASHTOWare Business Operations Manager​

(202) 624-5808

angelw AT aashto.org